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Chesterton Academy
of St. Thérèse

High School with a Higher Purpose

The Chesterton Schools Network aims to inspire and encourage parent-led Catholic schools across the nation. The Network offers consulting services, templates for evaluating interest and operating a school, and the Chesterton Academy curriculum framework.

The Chesterton Academy framework includes:

  • A four-year, sequential, integrated curriculum overview with high level day-to-day lesson plans and supplemental materials

  • A blueprint for marketing, hiring and evaluating faculty, resource acquisition, scheduling, and assessing local requirements

  • Support through a network of grassroots high schools with the same vision for joyfully Catholic, classical education

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About Us

Part of St. Therese Classical Learning, Chesterton Academy of St. Therese provides a classical curriculum, combining a broad, liberal arts education with a strong emphasis on the development of Christian virtues and an appreciation of beauty. 

What We Provide

  • An Incarnational Environment

  • A Focus on Truth Goodness and Beauty

  • A Joyful Environment

  • Rediscovering the Lost Tools of Learning

  • The Socratic Seminar

  • The Wit and Wisdom of G.K. Chesterton


End of Year Appeal


St. Therese Classical Academies is a non-profit 501c3. We are blessed by our patrons, families, and giving teachers who all believe in offering children a better future. We hope through this appeal we can raise $250,000. 


Your donation is a step to shaping a child’s future. Your generous gift will not only give children the best education, you will give our future leaders the skills to make a difference.

Upcoming Events

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